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Jiangmen Toyo Ink Co., Ltd. is the earliest investment company in Japan by Toyo Ink Manufacturing Co., Ltd., established in 1988, specializing in the production of high-grade gravure, silk screen, flexo, metal printing inks, metal can coatings, composite adhesives, etc. Products, products sell well at home and abroad, exported to Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other countries and regions.



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Wuxi Branch

Address: No. 52, C District, Wuxi Famous High-tech Industrial Park

Tel: +86-510-85408305

Fax: +86-510-85429579

Zip code: 214024

Jiangmen Toyo Ink Co., Ltd.

Address: 32-33 Longwan West Road, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province

Tel: +86-750-3532618

Fax: +86-750-3558265, 3533363


Chengdu Toyo Ink Co., Ltd.

Address: No. 12, Yangheng 4th Road, Yangan Industrial Park, Yangan Town, Qiongxia City, Chengdu

Tel: +86-28-88803581

Fax: +86-28-61788553

Zip code: 611535

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